The development of Meyco's business model is being conducted in a pro-forma position of partnership between R.K. Meyer, President of Meyco Industries, and several associate companies and their principals in California and Oregon. Together, these associates will bring with them a balanced group of specialized companies and individuals that form an experienced infrastructure of diverse talents. The common denominators between all parties are innovation, manufacturing skills, and the ability to compete profitably against offshore competition.

R.K. Meyer - President and Chairman of Board, Meyco Industries. Corporate structuring, product development, manufacturing, and marketing liason. Senior advisor. Click here for R.K. Meyer accomplishments.

"The Oregon Business Plan - The Four P's - Pioneering Innovation, People, Place and Productivity: To be strong in the Four P's Oregon must encourage and support innovation in existing businesses, in our universities and in start-ups. Oregon must educate and attract talented people. It must guard a distinctive quality of life. And it must offer a productive business atmosphere of reasonable costs and a reliable public infastructure. . . .Evidence shows busninesses in every corner of Oregon can compete effectively at the high-end of the market place, pioneering new technologies and products, creating novel designs, exceeding customer expectations and increasing productivity."

-William D. Thorndike Jr., President, Medford Fabrication
The Oregonian, November 22, 2003