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Finding qualified help in the serving of alcoholic beverages has always been a problem, one that still faces today's contemporary beverage manager. Problems that are characteristic of the occupational hazards surrounding the trade commonly referred to as "Bartending" include absenteeism, inventory control, pilferage, poor housekeeping, the need for food intake during work hours, medical and liability insurance, payroll taxes and personal stability. The concept of an automatic bartender that could make drinks over and over with absolute accuracy, 24 hours a day, has long been the dream of every inn keeper, casino operator, and hotel owner throughout the world. That concept is no longer a dream . . meet SCARAB™, the world's first completely automatic bartender . . . and it will listen to your problems too.

SCARAB X-1 has been designed to become part of a living environment, and as such, must be able to assimilate existing, as well as tomorrow's technology. Physical characteristics will be designed to accommodate speakers, stereo, video, telephone, fax, holograms, game playing, and internet linkage. Commands given from tactile keyboards or by voice and by engineering the unit to link with other manufacturers systems, the SCARAB X-1 can become a virtual command center for controlling a complete environment. HVAC, sprinkler systems, lighting, music, olfactory conditions, security systems, communications, household appliances and, of course, bartending.

In 1985 SCARAB™ X-1 was the first commercial product to utilize voice commands. Its humanoid voice belonged to Lake Oswego's own Scott Beach, a popular San Francisco disk jockey and a good friend to SCARAB's inventor, Ron Meyer. The SCARAB's™ robot arm is able to handle four drinks at one time. Its accuracy is total, within .003" of an inch.
A prototype of SCARAB™ X-1 was built in San Francisco in March of 1984. The unit was demonstrated the same year at the Western Restaurant Association Meeting. The show was a complete success in terms of interest in SCARAB™. While many visitors to the SCARAB™ booth wanted to place orders, the unit was placed in storage while financial considerations were given to polish certain mechanical functions. The SCARAB™ unit was lost in the California "Los Ninos" floods of 1995. However, all detail drawings were rescued. SCARAB™ is being redesigned to work faster and to incorporate environmental and entertainment systems that were not available 20 years ago. A private offering detailing the future development of SCARAB™ is available to qualified parties. Contact

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