In keeping with Mr. Meyer's demonstrated insight into meeting the needs of society and industry, he is currently developing a unique integrated system that will perform services using an interface of fixed and mobile robotics and is known as the SCARAB™ - Self-Contained Advanced Robotic Aid Base. The conceptual framework on which the system is based as illustrated below presents the basic components of the SCARAB™ dispenser unit (Figure 1) intended as a base station in which nutritional supplies such as foods and liquids are stored and automatically dispensed and delivered. Delivery of services from the fixed base unit to an outlying area or to persons who cannot move themselves can be accomplished via an interface of a mobile robotic devices delivery system (Figure 2). Current technology provides for a possible link up between a mobile robot and an incapacitated person, as visualized in Figure 3. The robotic system will be most valuable in environments where human movement has been limited or restricted, and will serve many industries on an around the clock basis, thus resulting in an unlimited savings of human toil and economic expense.


Figure 1:

Figure 2:

Figure 3:

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