1949-1953: Standard Oil of California

  • Exploration Department/Field Geologist Illustrator and Cartographer. Covered seismic oil and gas exploration in Uinta Basin, Kenai Peninsula, Washington and Oregon, Salinas Valley, Northern California and Nevada.


1953-1955: Haluk Lighting, San Francisco

  • Designed lighting fixtures and tooling for a complete line of incandescent and fluorescent lighting fixtures. Served as designer, salesman and production manager.


1953-1965: President and Chairman of PALCO (Pacific Associated Lighting Co.)

  • Designed, developed and manufactured the first bottom mounted fluorescent lighting fixture for highway sign lighting.
  • Designed and manufactured the "Astri-Lite," a patient room over-bed light which combined a multi-circuited reading light, room light and night light into a 18" x 60" recessed troffer. (Sales rights assigned to American Sterilizer Co. - AMSCO).
  • Designed and manufactured the first hospital console system combining all bedside mechanical and electrical outlets into one flush mounted console. (Patent # 3,461,349)
  • Designed and supervised the installation of a complete production facility for the production of PALCO commercial lighting fixtures. (Click here for more information)
  • Designed and manufactured the "Consolight," the first combination hospital console and overbed lighting system. (Patents: #3,275,814; #201,908; and #3,557,359)
  • Designed and manufactured a unitized dispenser for medical gasses that combined explosion-proof electrical outlets with quick-release outlets for oxygen and nitrous oxide.
  • Designed and manufactured the first completely indirect lighting fixture for tunnel lighting application. Manufactured over 700 8' units prefabricated from stainless steel for use in the Caldecott Tunnel(s), Posey and Webster Tubes in Alameda County, and other tunnels throughout California.
  • Designed Super Flux, the first one-piece, all extruded 16' aluminum fixture for indirect lighting of school rooms. The fixture was adopted for selected use in California and was used exclusively for schools in Louisiana.
  • Structured a nationwide sales representative organization for the promotion and sales of the company's product line. Produced award-winning sales catalogs with the John Marsh Design Firm.


1965-1970: President and Chairman of Electro-Systems, Inc.

  • Designed and manufactured the Multi-Wall System (Patent # 3,567,842), the first completely pre-fabricated hospital wall system. This invention was credited with founding an entirely new industry which has seen over 20 companies enter into the manufacture of hospital wall systems. Multi-Walls, or derivations, have been installed in almost every hospital in the United States.
  • Designed and manufactured the first pre-fabricated Nurses Station (Patent #3,623,284) for application in critical care areas.
  • Designed and manufactured the first Modular Medical Structure or MMS (Patent #3,623,284).
  • Co-designed (with Edward Mayhew) and manufactured Electro-Safe, the first isolated grounding system for critical care areas. Prior to the development of this system an estimated 1,200 deaths per year occurred in patient care areas due to faulty grounding situations.
  • Initiated the design and prototype of a universal bracket for the mounting of physiological monitoring equipment at the patient headwall. The rights to this product were sold to Charles Westbrook who fine-tuned the product, and from it grew the GCX Corporation with estimated annual revenues of $6 million.


1970-1974: Co-Founded Hospital Systems, Inc. with Robert and Pauline Miller

  • Prepared the initial business plan for the formation of the company, made the presentation to acquire funding, and re-designed/re-tooled the hospital wall and nurses station developed for Electro-Systems.
  • Closed sales of Hospital Systems installations over those that had been specified before the formation of Hospital Systems. For more information on Hospital Systems installations visit the community hospitals and V.A. hospitals installation pages.

1974-1976: Developed and prototyped "Big Sphyg"

  • The "Big Sphyg," a recessed sphygmomanometer, for use with either aneroid or mercurial gauges, has completed beta tooling along with a prototype. The unit is still available for marketing - there is no equal on market.


1974: Designed the format for "The Trivia Game"

  • Together with Jim Lange, the popular host of "The Dating Game," produced 65 five-minute segments which were syndicated over 200 radio stations. The format was presented to Chuck Barris (former producer of the Dating Game and later producer/host of "The Gong Show") who turned it down as being too "sophisticated." Ten years later "Trivial Pursuit" swept the nation with trivial conundrums, essentially with material borrowed from the syndicated radio show.


1976-1988: Consultant and later President and Chairman of "The Brassworks"

  • Served as a consultant in the initial formation of the company with son, Kirk.
  • Restructured the company as a division of Meyco Industries and served as President and Board Chairman (1978-1988) during which time the company was named in the Inc. 500 as one of America's fastest growing companies with one of the highest profit ratios for the year (1985) with sales of $2 million. Sold Meyco to Baymark Industries, Inc. in 1988.
  • Structured a nationwide sales representative organization for the promotion and sales of the company's product line. Produced award winning sales catalogs with the John Marsh Design Firm.


1976-1988: Developed an automated serving system (SCARAB) for beverages

  • Developed unit (X1) which could be converted to deliver either liquid or solid pharmaceutical prescriptions (AutoMed). Also was the first commercially available product utilizing voice entry commands. Two patents awarded in 1988. High marks and reviews were published in Newsweek and Time magazine.



1987: Directed the creation and publication of Golden Gate Bridge Coloring Book

  • Commissioned by the Mayor's committee, "Friends of the Golden Gate Bridge" to create and publish a booklet commemorating the 50th anniversary of the bridge, a book aimed at educating young people on how the bridge was built. Over 100,000 copies have been sold, and will continue being sold at the bridge gift shop. Publishing rights have been assigned to Digitalogo.


1988-present: President of Digitalogo and Buy-A-Button



Clubs and Associations

  • Past president, Pacific Club, San Francisco, CA
  • Member, Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
  • Senior Member, Robotics International of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
  • Elected member, California Inventor's Hall of Fame
  • Member, Rotary Club, Castroville, CA