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Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, Miami Florida
Candler Community Hospital, Savannah Georgia

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This model of an 8-bed MMS building demonstrates the straightforward, efficient floor plans possible for an Intensive Care or Coronary Care Unit using a modular concept. Notice the convenience of the nurse station control center in providing direct line-or-sight contact with each patient bed, as well as quick convenient access.

A typical 36'x60', eight-bed Intensive Care Unit, completely equipped as shown, may be leased for as little as $50.00 per bed per day, depending on the equipment specified and the length of lease.

Each nurse station features: patient monitors, memory tape loops, EKG recorder, telephone, nurse call, code one, electric-hazard indicator, chart storage, doctor's dictation, x-ray viewer, and drawer storage.

Each HCI building system includes: complete structure, 100% fresh air system, lighting and heating, and selection of exterior and interior finishes.

Each typical patient room features: patient monitor, defibrillator, overbed table, patient closet, water closet and lavatory, electric bed, unitized wall system with oxygen, vacuum and air outlets, nurse call, code one, power outlets and switching, sphygmomanometer, examination and reading lights, vacuum bottle storage, time lapse indicator, isolated grounding, and wall bedside table.

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