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Thank you for your interest in Hosptial Consortium. We hope that our website provides you with cost saving ideas that will help in planning for the remodeling or expansion of your hosptial. Our staff of architects, engineers, and designers have had over 300 years of accumulated experience in hospital construction and remodeling of patient care areas.

Our proposed new home is in the Northwest, where there is clean air, a low cost of living, and outstanding resources such as high tech innovators fresh from the Oregon and Washington colleges. It is our goal to establish a central manufacturing facility to design and build those products that represent the most advanced form of medical technology in their particular field. Additionally, we will be networking with medical specialists that require the spatial, electrical, and mechanical resources to operate their equipment. Wireless technology will also be considered for application to all aspects of patient care as well as in the performance of global networking with physicians and research associates at distant locations.

Our manufacturing facility will employ the most up-to-date fabricating technologies and computerized controls. Basic services such as tool and die, injection molding, ferrous and non-ferrous castings, spray-painting, anodizing, and structural steel fabrication will all be outsourced to local suppliers (as will all of the normal office supplies and utilities). HCI will also have arm's length agreements with all of Meyco holdings wherein certain facilities and overhead charges shall be shared on a pro-rata basis, thereby substantially reducing the operating costs of each entity.

HCI, through its parent company Meyco Industries, is presently seeking funding to acquire facilities and working capital to generate its business plan. Paramount to the presentation is its review by a qualified legal practice and an accompanying accounting firm. Meyco has chosen to select its legal and accounting representation from a qualified Oregon firm. Inquiries are welcomed. Contact

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