Digitalogo.com is a division of Meyco Industries. R.K. Meyer serves as Digitalogo's Board Chairman and President. He is an experienced entreprenuer, inventor of several patented products in the fields of lighting, robotics and patient care facilities as well as the designer and producer of a diverse line of consumer products.
R.K. Meyer, bio

The company has recently relocated its manufacturing, graphics, and administrative offices from Central California to Northwestern Oregon where it is temporarily sharing space with a copy center in Gearhart. The company is seeking a permanent property which it would share with the other divisions of Meyco Industries, Inc.

Digitalogo has devloped and archived over 3,000 pieces of proprietary art that covers all phases of Americana. Our Products are decorated with Hometown Art performed by some of America's outstanding artists. Ceramics, glassware, magnetics and adhesive applications are all part of Digitalogo's collections of collectible and wearable accessories. The company operates a complete manufacturing facility that includes the decorative firing of glassware and ceramics, as well as the digital laser application of multicolored art.

Currently, Digitalogo is developing a panorama of products that will record the adventures and accomplishments of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Noted Northwestern artist Tom McClure is again collaborating with history buff Ron Meyer in this creative and noteworthy project. Projected Digitalogo sales on Lewis and Clark items are $1.2 million over the period of 2004 through 2006.

Digitalogo's primary mission is to provide a domestic, Made in the U.S.A. manufacturing source for collectible products that have appreciable value through the use of high quality art. The selected art subjects are primarily those with an educational theme relative to historic scenes of Americana, or local hometown themes of special interest. Coupled with these scenes are appropriate storyboards that connects to the art.
Secondary subjects are businesses that are anxious to advertise their products or services while at the same time creating a secondary source of income for the business through the sale of these articles. Many major corporations maintain gift shops along with mail order catalogs coupled with internet websites that promote their logo applied to a diverse number of products.
Digitalogo's further mission is to continue to penetrate as many niche markets as possible with products manufactured from a home based work force.

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