"Meyco's mission statement is to bring our values to fruition in the expression of our products' design and performance."

We Value:

  • Dedication to providing innovative products of the highest quality and utility
  • Maintaining emphasis on the promotion of products "Made In the USA"
  • Hard work and the instillation of pride and mutual respect at all levels within our work force

In this process we hope to add to the social and economic values of the daily enjoyment of life to our fellow American workers and their families.

Due to its high cost of living and heavy taxation, California has lost all of the primary skills of manufacturing. Sourcing of both high tech and blue collar skills are available throughout the state i.e., steel mills, foundries, platers, tool & die extruders, machinery brokers, injection molders, wi-fi sources, computer graphic techs, assemblers, etc. The clean air, low crime rate, and physical attractiveness of Oregon is a strong draw toward attracting families with high levels of education and strong work ethics.