Meyco Industries is the parent company of several corporations that were founded and developed by R.K. Meyer. Mr. Meyer serves as Meyco’s Board Chairman and President. He is an experienced entrepreneur, inventor of several patented products in the fields of lighting, robotics, and patient care facilities, as well as the designer and producer of a diverse line of consumer products.  

It is the intent of Meyco Industries to relocate from its present base in Central California and consolidate its operation in a more cost efficient location. The company anticipates hiring up to 50 production and 10 administrative personnel in its first two years of operation. Investigation of a suitable site is currently centered in Northwestern Oregon. Meyco Industries is seeking to locate an equipped or non-equipped manufacturing facility of sufficient size with space to accept the equipment of each one of its corporate divisions. Contact has been made with certain select communities for their consideration of Meyco Industries as part of their economic development program. Meyco Industries anticipates raising $1M in the first stage of a private placement to fund the acquisition, and working capital needs of each of its holdings.

A selection of legal and accounting services are being conducted in conjunction with the process of developing and underwriting the private placement.